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How does an ICT-Assistant manages this all ?

The ICT-Assistant delivers a well-thought combination of onsite and remote services.

First of all, An ICT-Assistant visits your offices at a fix schedule. He has a personal approach and a smooth social interaction. He is the first point of contact for you and all your staff when it comes to computer related topics. Onsite he does new installations and changes to your computer network. Priorities are set on an action list with your local responsible. All kind of questions from the users are as much as possible promptly resolved. You are always informed of all activities carried out and of any outstanding issues.

Experience has shown that for a number of tasks it is no longer necessary or even useful to be onsite at your premises. The monitoring task of your servers is one of them.

If during the absence of an ICT-Assistant a pressing issue comes up, he can remotely provide telephone support, or even take control of your computer or server. In reality it is rare that this is necessary.

The ICT-Assistant works for several similar customers. So he brings a lot of practical experience with him. He knows what works in reality and what does not.

The ICT-Assistant is an information technology generalist rather than a specialist in a particular domain. He will make use of third parties. for specialized activities. Just think of the purchase of equipment, physical cabling, telephony and others. He will always do this representing the customer (you). In other words, the ICT-Assistant defends your interests. So that also there you get the right price for the right product/service and service level.

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